What You Need to Know About Throwing an
Oscars Viewing Party!

By: Brit Linton, Blogger – Happy, Healthy and Hilarious

As we begin to zero in on Hollywood’s most glamourous night of the year, it’s time to start thinking about the role you’re going to play in toasting tinsel town’s finest… why leave all the fun up to the celebs, right?! Guys, we’re talking hosting a full-blown Oscar’s Viewing Party. Because what better way to watch super glamourous, fabulously fierce stars sashay down the red carpet than from your very own, albeit slightly less glamourous, Oscar’s Viewing Party?! Nothing? We thought so too…

Now considering the Oscars are essentially on Super Bowl level “fandom status” when it comes to all things hair and makeup, we think it’s pretty safe to say that we take this event incredibly seriously! The glitz, the glam – it’s almost too much “fabulous” to digest in one single night – almost…

So to help YOU celebrate, we’ve put together a foolproof guide on how to throw the most perfect Oscar’s Viewing Party; from the food to the entertainment, and even to your very own glam work!


While the Oscars obviously serve as the entertainment focal point themselves, you’re going to want to incorporate something that compliments or enhances the experience for your guests! We’re thinking games… lots of them!

Game One: “And the Oscar Goes to…” Upon arrival, have your guests fill out ballot cards listing off some of the top Awards for the evening (ie. Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Original Score etc.). At the end of the night tally up everyone’s answers… the winner is of course the individual who made the most accurate predictions! Bonus Points for those who predicted whether the speeches of “said winners” would be cut off by the orchestra!

Game Two: “Who Are You Wearing?” The red carpet is of COURSE our personal favourite part of the entire evening! This is when we get an up close peek at all of the uber glamourous looks of the night! For this game, set it up as a Bingo of sorts! Have fun squares for “Actor Brings His Mom as a Date”, “Actress That Wears a Cocktail Dress”, “An Interview with a “Bleep” Moment” etc!

Game Three: “Whose Line Is It?” Have your guests try to match up some of the more infamous quotes from each of the films nominated! On a sheet of paper have one column of this years’ movie posters, and another column of the quotes, simply have your guests draw lines connecting the matchups!

Food & Drinks

We’re thinking a DIY concession stand – obvs – where the only “combos” are those that involve bottomless bags of gourmet popcorn and a bubbly bar. Let’s be real, could we seriously have gone in any other direction for a glamourous award show honouring movies?! Didn’t think so…

Popcorn Concession Stand: Have a bowl of popcorn out so that guests can fill up their own individual popcorn bags. Include smaller bowls of a variety of herbs, spices, oils, and chocolate that your guests can top off their popcorn with!

Champagne Bar: The stars will be sippin’ on champagne all night, why not you?! Toast you’re evening with a little bubbly! Similarly to the popcorn concession stand, set aside small bowls of berries, fruits or juices that guests can add to their champagne to truly make it a unique, customized cocktail experience.


Nailing down the décor is what’s really going to give life to your party, and adding elements that are synonymous with the Oscars will help create an ambiance that oozes glitz and glam. Try to incorporate golds and reds – to give a bit of a nod to the actual award itself, as well as the red carpet – and perhaps some black to amp up the drama factor!

Add a red tablecloth to your concession stand, and sprinkle it with gold confetti – if it just so happens to be gold, star shaped, confetti well you’ve hit a grand slam!

We’re thinking gold balloons, gold plastic plates or utensils and even napkins!

If you really want to go big on the décor and play up the Oscars theme, head to the dollar store and grab a few of those miniature gold trophies… have them sporadically placed throughout your concession stand and viewing area!

The “Look”

We don’t’ know about you guys… but we’re kind of obsessed with watching the Oscars from the comforts of our coziest pajamas. So why not throw a Glam Pajama Party?! What exactly does a Glam Pajama Party entail, you ask? Invite your guests to wear some of their fanciest jammies (we’re thinking silk robes or cute onesies), and increase the fancy factor even further by adding costume jewelry and going BIG on the hair and makeup! Red lips, smoky eyes, curls, side braids… the options for red carpet glam are truly endless!

Go Old Hollywood Glam: This look simply oozes elegance and class, yet somehow manages to exude sex appeal simultaneously! If you’re looking to embrace the Oscars theme wholeheartedly, Old Hollywood Glamour is definitely the way to go!

Nails: Have a little bit of fun with your nails by incorporating golds or metallics!
You can either paint the entire nail in one colour, or go for a little bit of a twist on the standard French by adding a metallic or gold tip! We’re hearing this is going to be a major nail trend this 2017 so this might be the perfect opportunity to test it out!
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Lips: We’re going to do our very best to help you channel your inner Marilyn here, and we can’t think of a better first step than pouty red lips! Deca Lipstick in Drama Red couldn’t be more perfect for the occasion! This mineral lipstick is packed with lip healthy nutrients and makes a BIG statement!
Deca Lipstick – Drama Red $17.95
Deca Lip Pencil – Scarlet Red $14.95

Brows: Big, bold brows are quintessential Old Hollywood. Toppik Brow Building Fibers helps to create full, natural brows that will help to structure your face in just a couple of simple steps! Each kit includes a brow conditioning set to help set and define the natural shape of your brow, brow building fibers which help to give you a fuller look, and the dual end brush for easy application.
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Eyes: This is your chance to really play up the drama factor with your look!! Defined, dramatic eyes can enhance your features and truly make your eyes pop! Line your eyes with black liquid liner (we’re thinking a thicker line for this particular look), winging it upward at the corner, a la Audrey Hepburn. Be sure to then curl your lashes using the UBU Wicked Winks lash curler prior to applying a couple of coats of mascara! Uhm… hellooooo knock out!!! Nothing says glamour like captivating, sultry eyes!
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Hair: CURLS, CURLS, CURLS!!! Did we mention curls? To complete your vintage glamour look, you’re going to NEED to incorporate long, flowing curls, and in order to achieve this you’re going to want to go with BaBlyiss PRO Nano Titanium Curling Iron – 1 ¼”. This larger barrel will create the voluminous, flowing curls that you’re looking for!!
*** Prior to curling and blow drying your hair, make sure to add ABBA Thermal Protect to damp hair to ensure that you avoid heat damage!
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New Hollywood Glam: Looking for something a bit more modern? Pull some serious inspo from the stars themselves in our breakdown of looks from different award shows this year! You can view our favourite looks from the SAG Awards and the Grammys

Happy Oscar Season!

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