It’s always that constant battle we face with our unruly locks. Trial and error, hearsay from the latest blog or a recommendation by a close friend but nothing actually works to give your hair the benefits it needs so many women have given up the search to find the one product they could count on to adhere to their hair woes. Look no further, because we’ve found the leader of the storm and lucky for you we’re giving it away for FREE. Continue reading to find out how to get your FREE UniqOne Hair Treatment.

You can ask any women, “What is your go-to hair treatment?” And we’ll bet you almost 8 out of 10 women would say UniqOne has solved all their hair problems, from heat-damage to split ends and then some. It’s rare to find a single product that can offer 10 unique benefits to your hair without having to layer on 10 different products to your hair and weighing it down.

uniqoneOne Product that Offers you 10 MAIN BENEFITS that your Hair NEEDS

1. Repair for dry and damaged hair
2. Shine and frizz control
3. Heat protection
4. Silkiness and Smoothness
5. Hair colour protection / with UVA and UVB filters
6. Easier brushing and ironing
7. Incredible detangling
8. Long-lasting hairstyle
9. Split ends prevention
10. Adds body


Even with just one use, you will be able to experience all these 10 unique benefits in one product, even if you weren’t looking to target some of the above qualities of the product, you’ll begin to feel it and see it without even realizing it.

UniqOne can be used on wet or dry hair


For wet hair, apply to wet strands for maximum control, smoothness and shine while blow drying. Hold the bottle 8 inches away from your head and use up to 6-8 sprays on short hair, 7-12 on medium-length hair, and 10-15 on long hair. Seems excessive, but there is a lot of product to go around. Next, run a wide-toothed comb, or a detangler comb, we’re loving Macadamia Detangler Brush, to fully detangle your locks. Then finish by applying any of your favourite styling products (if you really need that extra reinforcement – curly hair gals, we get you!!) and style as usual.


For dry hair, you can use this product to revive your hairstyle. Either spray it directly to your hair, or work through with your hands. On dry hair, spray 2-3 sprays in your hands for short hair, 3-5 for medium-length hair, or 4-6 for long hair, and work it through your hair to smooth out your tresses from mid-length to your ends. Follow by touching up your style with your desired hot tool of choice, blow dryer, flat iron, curling wand etc. (We have great tools on sale for the month of March like the Babyliss PRO MiraCurl, CROC Designer ToolsGS Professional Curling Wands, and much more)

And like we promised, we are giving away FREE UniqOne Hair Treatment (150mL – Full Size) by Revlon Professional when you spend $55 in store and online. For a limited time, offer ends March 29 2016: WHILE QUANTITIES LAST!! 


And just when you thought the UniqOne Hair Treatment was all you needed – UniqOne All in One Super10r Hair Mask. Available now at Trade Secrets/Glamour Secrets.