From day to night, you look around and you’ll see at least one person rocking the latest and hottest in the ’70s comeback hair trend.  We see this era making a huge impact on our signature styles from being rocked on the runway to the greatest in street style. We’re not exactly shocked that this disco fever has no cure as the trend is sweeping the nation once again. We can all thank Farrah Fawcett and her lovely locks for that!


You have to agree that we all love that free-spirited approach to effortless looking locks, even when it comes to our regular beauty regime. By the time the disco inferno opens up, we’re about pushing our glam to the ultimate limits to dance the night away.

Here are some of the top looks that keep making a comeback and are quite simple enough to do.

Disco Waves

Iggy bey ChristinaA

To get disco waves, it’s best to invest in a great hot roller set try BabyLiss PRO Ceramic Hairsetter 12 Rollers. It’s about getting the most out of your look by creating a middle part and begin wrapping small sections of hair around your hot roller. Be sure to leave your roots flat. You don’t want too much volume at the root, besides,  you want the curls to do that for you. After the rollers have cooled, take them out and brush out your curls with your fingers and set with a flexible hold with Sebastian Shaper Hairspray.


Middle Part

mila alessandra jessiej

Naturally when your hair is parted in the centre it gives you that instant hippie vibe. To give it an extra ’70s kick, sleek it out by flat ironing your locks and sealing those flyaways with a smoothing cream or oil like the Kardashian Beauty Smooth Styler Blow Dry Cream. Bonus it smells incredible!!



nicole leahmichelle emma

Especially shaggy bangs. The shaggier the better! A little piece-y action is a cute touch to a tousled fringe. If you have long hair or short hair, no matter the style, bangs surely bring your look into a whole new focus.


Bronze and Glow

brzoned2 bronzed3 bronzed1

It can be a little intimidating to give yourself that all over bronze without looking a little orange. You can get the effect with actual powder bronzers or kick it up a notch with a gradual tanner. Coming soon to a Trade Secrets near you we will be launching Selfie, a great addition to sunless tanning to really give you that bronze that glows!



jen rihanna sienna

Now you couldn’t scream hippie, boho, ’70s chic without a little braid action. Doesn’t matter what braid you want to achieve, they’re always going to be in style. So go bold or stay neutral, whatever the case, you’ll be making a statement one way or another.