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    Color Wow

    Root Cover Up camouflages grey roots instantly and even covers dark regrowth in lightened hair – without peroxide!

    The new Bionic Tonics were created to provide a solution to the age-old problem of dry and brittle hair that so often stems from colouring. The tonics come in three variations: Coconut Cocktail, Kale Cocktail and Carb Cocktail. Each one is designed to counteract different hair concerns and should be applied and left in the hair after washing and conditioning. The products are said to work best with heated styling such as blowdrying or using tongs, as raising the temperature helps to speed up the chemical reaction and bond the product to the hair.

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    CARB COCKTAIL Bionic Tonic instant fat-ification Fine, thin hair instantly gains major mass, guts and volume from CARB COCKTAIL, a ground-breaking leave-in “bionic tonic” supplement. Chemicals in hair color cause three major problems, and one of them is loss of proteins that give hair strands natural thickness and body. If you want to bulk up skinny strands, simply apply Carb Cocktail after you shampoo and condition, then heat style.

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    ROOT COVER UPworld’s #1 award-winning root concealer.Cover.

    Fast, easy mineral powder formula.
    No mess, just press!
    Covers grey seamlessly, blonde shades cover dark roots
    Extends highlights without peroxide
    Create the look of thicker hair by filling in gaps
    Water-resistant formula –
    you can even swim in it!
    Never stiff or sticky,
    looks totally natural
    No waxes, dyes or parabens
    Not tested on animals
    Choose your shade!

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