Oscars 2017:
And the Award for Best Hair Goes To…

The 89th Academy Awards without question is one of the most glamorous events in Hollywood where celebs like to look their best. Every year we look forward to seeing the gowns and all that is beauty that is arriving on the red carpet, but this year we got so much more. With the most talked about moments from Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway accidentally read La La Land as the Best Picture winner instead of Moonlight, to fallen candy from the sky, to Viola Davis making history and of course, the surprised tourists trip to the Oscars, this year will be engraved in all of our minds for years to come. And it goes without saying, we hope Jimmy Kimmel will be asked to host another Oscars, or any award show for that matter in the very near future.

With that being said, we have rounded up our top 7 red carpet looks seen at the 2017 Oscars and exactly how to get them! Let us know some of your favourites on Twitter using hashtag #TradeSecretsCA.


Rumors were spread that Halle Berry was going to be rocking a brand new look at the Oscars and Halle has been known to wear quite a few unique looks down the red carpet. Her most iconic was when she won for Best Actress in a Leading Role rocking a short pixie cut. Oh the nostalgia. But this time she strutted her stuff in an au natural and in a totally new, carefree way, a majestic head of curls – with caramel highlight accents. Celebrity stylist Castillo is responsible for this aww worthy look. But did you think it would take 2 weeks worth of processing to get this look? Us neither.

Keep in mind, these are Halle Berry’s natural curls, as to which many accused of her wearing a wig. Castillo has his own little cocktail for getting the look, but we can help you get the look easy peasy! Plus, we at Trade Secrets/Glamour Secrets LOVE girls with curls and we got a sweet BOGO 50% OFF SALE off the ENTIRE Curl Keeper line! This offer is available IN STORE ONLY.

First start off with using the Curly Hair Solutions Silk Shampoo, which has a gentle formula that nourishes and hydrates the hair. Then go in with Curly Hair Solutions Pure Silk Protein Conditioner which offers an extreme concentration of silk protein that delivers the healthiest and softest hair possible by softening the roughest, driest hair.
Curl Keeper Silk Shampoo $15.50
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Once you’re done washing your hair you’ll want to go in with some Curl Keeper styling products. Please note that Curl Keeper products are activated with water. Go in with Curl Keeper Styling Cream from roots to ends on wet hair. The Styling Cream allows easy manipulation of curls into a looser, well defined, frizz-free curl with ultimate softness and clean shine. You can use alone or with Curl Keeper Original. Allow hair to air dry, or if you’re in a rush, use a diffuser to help define those curls.
Curl Keeper Styling Cream $19.00
Curl Keeper Original Total Control for Frizzy Hair $17.50

For the finishing touches, to create a more polished look, use a small-barrel curling iron to detail any undefined curls. This step is optional, but Curl Keeper is all about Cocktailing! Now this is the first ever hairspray in a cream form for curly hair – Curl Keeper Tweek. Tweek is to be used on dry hair for best results as a finishing product. Rub a little between your palms, scrunch and mold your curls back to life. A small amount will control static flyaway hair.
BaByliss PRO Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron 1″ $64.95
Curl Keeper Tweek $23.00


Emma Stone was America’s Sweetheart at this years awards for her role in La La Land. Not only was Emma dressed to win in gold and had the matching hair and makeup to complete her Old Hollywood Glam look, but she won Best Actress for her leading role in La La Land. Stone’s hair was styled by Mara Roszak and we can all replicate this look with a few simple tools and steps.

After you get out of the shower, on wet hair apply Pureology Colour Stylist Silk Bodifier to create volume and blow it dry with out GS Litron Hybrid Dryer.
Pureology Colour Stylist Silk Bodifier $33.00
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Next, once your hair is completely dry, using a 1″ curling iron, curl sections of hair away from your face. BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Clip/Clipless Curling Iron 1″ can be used with or without the clip. It’s super universal and will give you perfect waves.
Set the curls with Rusk W8Less Strong Hold Hairspray (now 50% off for a limited time). Then using a soft bristle brush and your fingers to help break up the curls. Give it one final spray and you’re good as gold!
BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Clip/Clipless Curling Iron 1″ $33.00
Rusk W8Less Strong Hold Hairspray $27.95 ON SALE FOR $13.98


Every red carpet we look forward to seeing Chrissy Teigen and John Legend roll out because they are the epitome of relationship goals. But the real goals here was Teigen’s chignon. Styled by the hair goddess, Jen Atkin, created this chic, low slicked back bun that we can all do in the comfort of our home. Here’s how to get a similar look.

First spray AG Beach Bomb spray to damp roots and round brush your hair with BaByliss PRO Professional Ceramic Dryer to create smooth, soft volume to frame the face.
AG Beach Bomb $22.00
BaByliss PRO Professional Ceramic Dryer $89.95

Once your hair is completely dry, apply a texturizing spray like, Macadamia Texturizing Salt Spray throughout your hair for grip and hold before curling ONLY the lower half of your hair with a 1″ curling iron or wand. After you finish curling the hair, Atkin twisted and pinned all of Teigen’s hair into a chignon at the nape of her neck. She also allowed some loose layers fall naturally around Teigen’s face before locking in the look with a strong hold hairspray.
Macadamia Texturizing Salt Spray $27.00
GS Professional CurlFlex Iron $119.95 ON SALE FOR $99.95
Rusk W8Less Plus Hairspray $27.95 ON SALE FOR $13.98


When we saw Scarlett Johansson step on the red carpet we couldn’t help but fall in awe of her edgy new look. Styled by Jenny Cho, she created the edgy daring look by prepping the hair with multi-benefit leave in treatment. We would opt for It’s a 10 Miracle Leave In Plus Keratin. This product specially made with the naturally occurring Keratin protein to strengthen your hair while adding manageability and style.
It’s a 10 Miracle Leave In Plus Keratin $35.95

Then for that touchable, lived in texture, apply some sea salt spray prior to blowdrying your hair. Then finally, use a flat iron to lift your strands at the root to create those effortless waves.
KMS HairPlay Sea Salt Spray $18.75
Zazen Z-Glide Ceramic Titanium Flat Iron 1″ $132.95 ON SALE FOR $79.95


No surprise here that Taraji P. Henson has made our top list of the best looks seen on the red carpet. She was on fire with her whole ensemble. Her shoes, that dress, that necklace my goodness! And especially her glowing skin and that hair! Her glamorous bob was styled by Tymothe Wallace. Here’s how you can get her look!

First Wallace sprayed her strands with a Leave-In Detangler, then round brushing it dry. A popular choice is Joico’s Daily Care Leave In Detangler. Once the hair was dry he then applied a hydrating serum to add shine and softness to Henson’s hair. To get those voluminous curls, curl the hair and set them with velcro curlers.
Joico Daily Care Leave In Detangler $15.95
Joico K-Pak Protect & Shine Serum $23.05

Then to seal the deal, add in some extra strong hold hairspray and you’ve got yourself some Old Hollywood glam locks! 
Rusk W8Less Plus Hairspray $27.95 ON SALE FOR $13.98


Charlize Theron brought some major glam yet, laidback style to the red carpet. Responsible for the fabulous look was Enzo Angileri who worked with some Wella and GHD styling tools to create this sleek low pony. This whole look represented business in the front and party in the back. Here’s how you too can get the look.

To give your hair that healthy shine apply Wella SP Luxe Oil to ends of the hair all while it’s still damp, then completely blow dry those locks. Using an oval shaped curling wang, create those Old Hollywood waves directing away from your face. But only curl the pieces that fall in front of your face.
Wella SP Luxe Oil $42.00
GS Professional CurlFlex Iron $119.95 ON SALE FOR $99.95

To complete the look, grab the rest of your hair and gather it all in the back in a low ponytail at the nape of your neck and finish with a shine mist.
Matrix Biolage Sugar Shine Illuminating Mist $19.50
(ghd will be available in March at Trade Secrets) 


Hailee Steinfeld looks all grown up at this years Oscars thanks to Haliee’s superstar stylist, Chris Appleton. He created a gorgeous voluminous updo with a touch of wow with a double topknot in the back! Here’s how you can get her look.

The key to getting those sleek sides, yet a bit of volume on top, was using a spray wax, and currently we’re obsessed wtih AG Dry Wax. He pulled the sides and brushed them to create that smooth effect and pulled some volume up top before securing the double topknots at back. To finish off and secure the look, use a medium hold hairspray. 
AG Dry Wax $26.00
Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray Medium Finish $26.00 (Available in store only)

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