You hear the name UniqONE and instantly know about the miracle spray treatment that adds 10 benefits your hair ACTUALLY needs. If you don’t know it, you need to know it. We wrote a piece about the miracle spray on our blog click here to read about the Uniq Qualities of UniqONE

You can ask any women, “What is your go-to hair treatment?” And we’ll bet you almost 8 out of 10 women would say UniqOne has solved all their hair problems, from heat-damage to split ends and then some. It’s rare to find a single product that can offer 10 unique benefits to your hair without having to layer on 10 different products to your hair and weighing it down.

Now, UniqONE has taken the next step into reshaping your hair’s life with the most incredible hair mask delivering 10 benefits that will make you forget about any other hair mask. Possibly! Just wait and see…

The UniqONE Super10r Hair Mask  is the perfect mask that gives you that salon quality hair you’ve dreamed of. Including 10 real hair benefits by combining all the features of the world’s best masks, including deep hair damage repair, ultra hydration and silky smooth results. Does that not sound amazing?! This is the multibenefit experience thanks to Revlon Professional.

uniqoneWe Introduce You to the UniqONE Super10r Mask

1. Deep hair Damage Repair
2. Intense Nourishing
3. Strengthens hair from the roots to ends
4. Incredible Shine
5. Silkiness and Smoothness
6. Sensational Defrizz and Detangling
7. Ultra Hydrating
8. Quickly Absorbs in only 3 minutes
9. Weightless Finish with natural volume
10. Non Greasy formula


Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better with UniqONE it totally does. The UniqONE Super10r Hair Mask is now available at Trade Secrets/Glamour Secrets.

Photo Credit: Vanamagazine