A long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away became the celebration of one of the craziest holiday’s to spread like wildfire through the interwebs… Star Wars Day! This observance celebrates Star Wars created by George Lucas and May 4th was punny enough to catch on.

The date was solely chosen for the easy pun on the catch phrase “May the force be with you” which in turn is now “May the Fourth be with you”. Although this isn’t the official release date of the franchise films, fans across the world have chosen this day of grace as a way to celebrate the dark force!

In lieu of the celebration, we’re going to show you how you can get the most iconic Star Wars hairstyles seen within the franchise.
The force is strong with this one!


Padmé in Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones

Start by using Royale Triple Barrel Curling Iron – using the smallest barrel to keep your curls feeling tight

Spray a heat protectant on your hair before wrapping your hair around curling wand. Use Redken Heat Styling Hot Sets 22 Thermal Setting Mist. This locks in lasting control, shine and staying power when styling with hot tools. Plus it protects hair from heat damage.

After you release the curl, pin the curl to your head so you can allow the curl to cool and set so you have tighter coils.

Next split TWO sections of hair on the side of your head, leaving hair from the crown and the back of your hair left out. With the first front section of hair, again, split into two sections and begin creating a rope braid by twisting the two sections into one another in the same direction. If your hair is thinner, you can pull pieces of the braid to create fullness and tie the braid at the end with a clear elastic. Follow the same steps on the opposite side of your head.

Next wrap the braids into spiral buns – similar to the signature Princess Leia buns. When you get to the end of the braid, hide the tied up end under the bun and secure it in place with a bobby pin.

For the back end of your hair, grab a small section of hair and begin twisting it all around until you meet the middle of your head and secure it in place. Do this again on the opposite side of your hair and secure into place. Repeat this step one more time on both sides. You should have FOUR twists in total.

Next add a signature headband of your choice. You can definitely use a Pink Pewter headband to give it that extra oomph to finish the look. And your look is complete!!


Rey’s Loop Buns from Star Wars VII:
The Force Awakens

Gather a small section of hair from above your forehead – could be your bangs or where bangs would fall, smooth it out and tie it in place with a small hair elastic.

Now pick up a section of hair off the top third of your head just below where your bangs lie, smooth it out and again tie it into a ponytail with a larger hair tie. Be sure to include the first pony that was created!

But remember, when you get to the end of tightening your elastic, leave a loop of hair instead of pulling your all the way through. Take the rest of your hair and wrap it around the hair tie and pin it in place.

Continue this process for two more buns!

Your look should look similar to Rey’s from the Force Awakens!

You can also see a more intricate version worn by Rooney Mara during the Oscars in a previous post by clicking HERE






Star Wars VI: Return of the Jedi

To start this look, brush out any knots you may have as you’ll doing a few braids for this one. Brush it out with a Knot Genie to get them all out or a Kont Brush.

Next – if you have longer hair you’ll be able to create a milkmaid braid no problem by grabbing a generous section of hair at the nape of your neck and bringing the braid forward to wrap around the top of your head as a braided headband and pin it in place. Do this again with the opposite side, as you want to create a double braided headband.

If your hair is a little shorter, you can create a french braid right across and do the same on the opposite side. If you tend to get flyaways, grab some Redken Braid-Aid to keep your hair in place.

For that extra movie magic touch, you can grab a ribbon and loop it in with your braid before or after you set your braids and pin it in place.

With the hair that has been left untouched in the back of your head, split this into TWO sections and create regular three strand braids.

And just like the iconic Leia that she is, what would she be without her buns? Create two spiral braids on either side of your head and making sure to pin your buns securely with each turn to guarantee they do not move. And do this with your opposite braid as well.

Spray it in place with Rusk W8Less Hairspray and you’ve got Leia’s bun and braids as she’s ready for battle in Endor!



Princess Leia Slave Braid Star Wars VI: Return of the Jedi

Begin with a high ponytail but ensure that your smooth out your hair completely. Use KMS TameFrizz Smoothing Lotion.

Next grab a bun maker – or you can create your own sock bun, but you can find bun makers at any Trade Secrets location and only use this on HALF of your high ponytail. Leave the other half loose as you’ll be needing this section later!! If you don’t have enough hair you can always use extensions to help you out.

Before you create your bun, loop the pony through and leave it be for the time being. With the bottom half that is not included in the bun, start by creating a regular three strand braid. If your hair isn’t that thick, you can always loosen the braid to give it fullness. And secure with a clear elastic.

Back to your bun, flip your hair over like a waterfall until it covers the entire bun maker. Then secure the hair in place by placing a hair elastic similar to your hair colour to secure it tightly in place.

With the hair that is sticking out from the waterfall, you’re going to want to split these into three sections and create three regular strand braids. And tie in a clear elastic. If your hair is thinner, again you can pull the strands to make it appear fuller.

This is where it gets a LITTLE complicated…With the first braid out of the three you made, your going to want to allow this braid to loop around the bun YET sitting right on top of the bun maker. You can do this by sticking bobby pins directly into the bun maker locking it in place.

Next bring the middle strand wrapping it just under the top braid and securing it in place with bobby pins. And the last braid is going to go around the base of the bun. And you’ve got your Princess Leia Slave Braid done to perfection!


Princess Leia Buns

First part your hair in the middle.

Then create two side ponytails on either side of your head.

And then loosely twist your hair and wrap it into a bun. Each time you spin it around one time, secure it with bobby pins. But make sure each time you wrap around secure each loop, keep twisting and pinning to make sure those buns ain’t going nowhere!

If you want your buns to appear larger, you can loosen the twists to your discretion.

Do this on the opposite ponytail and that’s all you need! Spray it in place and you’re done. Use Redken Control Addict 28 as it’s a strong hold hairspray for 24 hour control against humidity without residue or flaking!

If you want you can also use braids, but this is a more simplified version of the iconic Princess Leia Buns!





Padmé in Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith

Begin by creating a mid rise ponytail and securing it in place with a hair elastic.

Grab a small section of pony tail and begin twisting it using a gel or pomade to give it that tight gritty dreadlock texture so it won’t unravel. Once you finish the twist, create a loop and pin the end directly into the ponytail base. Use AG Molding Cream as it has a 4/5 holding factor and allows you to sculpt and style your hair any length it is and adds texture and polish shine.

Keep doing this throughout the entire head. Make sure to spread where you’re looping the hair and pinning it down so your nest of loops looks cohesive.

Spray your loops in place with a heavy duty hairspray like Redken Hairspray Forceful 23 Super Strength Finish Spray, because…the force is strong with this one! Punny?! No? Well, either way you’re totally ready for battle like Padme!






Hope you enjoyed these pretty quick and easy to do tutorials to celebrate May the Fourth…and remember tomorrow is Revenge of the FIFTH so you still have time to pull your favourite styles together and celebrate with a Star Wars Day Marathon.