Kim Kardashian breaks the Internet AGAIN with her coveted Wet Hair Look

The 2016 MTV Video Music Awards had everyone in a frenzy with all the latest and hottest trends to look forward to in the fall. In particular, Kim Kardashian, in typical fashion, has made a huge impact and nearly broke the interest yet again, with her au natural wet hair style and we’ll show you how it’s done!

Kim Kardashian opted to wear her natural locks that featured a very beachy vibe. From her head to her toes, the entire look was a sure fire winner and that had everyone asking “HOW DO I GET THAT LOOK”!! Not to our surprise, there were a ton of Internet memes floating around letting you know what would happen if they gave this look a try. Lucky for you, we’ll show you the PROPER way on how its done so you don’t end up look like this pup.

First and foremost, you’re going to have to wash your hair. Obviously, you want to sustain and keep that wet look when you have wet hair to begin with right? Ok, so your hair is washed, now what? Apply AG Hair BB Cream to damp hair from mid-lengths to the ends to prep and prime your hair for manipulation. AG’s super rich, silky priming cream prepares and protects the hair prior to styling, evening-out porosity and leaving hair feeling thicker and healthier. Once you’ve got that all worked in, spray on an reviving oil like Agadir’s Argan Oil Spray Leave In Treatment right on top to lock in that moisture.

Next you’ll need to spray a texturizing mist. We’re obsessed with AG Texturizing Sea Salt Spray  It gives you that added amount of grit without being too harsh on the hair. You’ll want to work this through your hair to give you that tousled effect. The more you scrunch and twist your locks with your fingers, the more wave and bend you’ll achieve in your hair.

Next you’ll want to “dry” your hair as much as possible with a diffuser. Be sure not to touch the hair too much and let the diffuser do it for you. This is how you’ll dry the hair enough without losing what you worked towards. Be sure to dry the hair completely. (Keep in mind, your hair will still look wet even when it’s dry!) Try the Zazen Touch Screen Ionic Dryer, comes with diffuser and snap-on concentrator nozzle to give you any desired look you’re interested in achieving.

After the hair is dry, use the GS Professional S Styler and twist pieces, section by section, working your way from the back to the front. This gives you the perfect wavy texture and also helps to smooth out any frizzies you may have gotten along the way.

For that extra shine, spray on a touch of Matrix Biolage Sugar Shine Illuminating Mist and again, on your ends, seal in the deal with a few more drops of Agadir’s Argan Oil Spray Leave In Treatment.

And now for the finishing touches, spray on Joico JoiFix Firm Finishing Spray all over to lock in your style all night long and protect it against humidity!! What did you think of Kim Kardashian’s look from the MTV VMAs? Let us know on Twitter! @TradeSecretsCA