Your Guide to Everything Prom Dress & Hairstyle

By: Brit Linton, Blogger – Happy, Healthy and Hilarious

The marvellously cheesy Promposals have been professed, corsages and boutonnieres ordered and the campground rentals that will host the after-prom getaways for a good 99.9% of you readers have been booked. Likely months ago.  All that’s left? A well suited hairstyle that will perfectly match the dress you meticulously combed through endless pages of Magazines, Instagram Accounts, and Blogs to find. AKA. The biggest decision of your high school career… aside from selecting a post-secondary school, & therefore determining the course of your entire future… obviously. 😉


Feeling overwhelmed? Not to worry, because we’re here to guide you through all of that hairspray induced mist and point you in the right direction of hair and dress !

You’re oh so welcome!

The Strapless Dress

Photo By: Hair Style Stars

Strapless dresses were practically MADE for statement jewelry – whether that be chandelier earrings or a stunning, bold necklace, so you’re going to want a hairstyle that will help highlight these key accessories! Our thoughts would be to go with a simple, low and feminine up-do in order to balance out the heaviness of your statement pieces. A hairstyle that’s subtle, yet elegant! Show off the those jewels!

The Dress with Sleeves

Photo By: Daily Mail

We’re kind of loving a dramatic, voluminous shoulder length bob for a dress with long sleeves! Okay, perhaps not shoulder length per se, but we’d love to see the hair fall just above the shoulder in bouncy, big barrel curls or waves!

If you’re going to go with this ensemble… both the dress and the hairstyle will be equal parts dramatic in the very BEST way possible! We know, we know – there’s that whole “less is more” cardinal rule situation, but trust us on this one when we say that this combo will pay off in an exceptionally amazing way!

In the words of the ever so profound Kristen Cavallari; “drama, drama, drama”… #LoveIT

The The Two Piece

Photo By: Popsugar

This two piece dress AKA crop top is going to be MAJOR this prom season, and we’re kind of STOKED about it because this particular look is so fun and playful! So it therefore needs to have a hairstyle that will help play up that fun, spunky factor! We love the idea of a messy top knot, giant ballerina bun, pumped up ponytail or even a more casual half top knot hairstyle, and think it would go wonderfully with this look!

P.S: If Carrie Bradshaw were currently a millennial teen attending her very first prom… we couldn’t help but NOT wonder if this whimsical look would be the one she would have gone for… thoughts?

The Lovely Lace

Photo By: People Magazine

Lace is such a timeless, classic and romantic look, so the hairstyle you choose for this dress should absolutely emulate these wonderfully dreamy vibes. Loose, soft curls or a romantic, low side swept up-do couldn’t be a more perfect complement for this classic look.

IF you’re wanting to play up more of the vintage lace flower child situation, we would suggest going with a tousled, chunky side braid. The contrast between the lace material of the dress, and the perfectly messy braid offers up an amazing play on texture! We promise!

The Spaghetti Strap Slip Dress

Photo By: Who What Wear

This look has effortless written all over it. Loose (heavy emphasis on loose) beach waves are going to be your very best friend if you’ve decided to go with a spaghetti strap slip dress this prom season! Top it off with a bit of a faux glow, and you’ve got yourself a casual, yet somehow put together and polished look that is very “of the moment”; truth be told this might just be our favourite look of the bunch!

The options for prom hairstyles are truly endless – and there are so many different ways that one can pull together a cohesive, breathtaking look by selecting the most perfect hair and dress combination! So whether you’re going for a more structured, elegant up-do or a casual, tousled look… we’re here to make all of your glitter/bedazzled fuelled dreams come true this prom season! So be sure to book an appointment with one of our hairstylists! Like… ASAP!

Happy Prom-ing!

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