Flat hair? We care! Bringing you the latest craze on the hair care scene. Cut back frizz and flatness for the perfect blowout every time!

We bring you the most raved about Ceramic Straightening Brush by Relaxus Beauty!


Don’t be mistaken, a straight brush is NOT meant to brush out your knots. We’re sure if you don’t turn the product on you totally could, but we recommend that you don’t use the heat to brush out your knots. That’s how breakage happens and we know how everyone wishes they can prevent breakage at any cost.

So probably at this point you might be thinking, “Ok, cool, a brush that straightens my hair but I still need to brush my hair, why can’t I just use my flatiron and a brush instead?! Of course every hair tool, every food, every makeup product you tried  has their pro and cons with an “OH BEWARE” tale, but with this tool, it’s near impossible to find you a con. Seriously!


Cara Taylor Mila


The Basics: What exactly is a Straight Brush?

This is a hair tool that PROMISES to heat and style the hair with minimal damage with sleek results. By using a straight brush, you can cut down the amount of time you use to flat iron your hair, over and over and over, you get the picture? By repeating the motion you influence more damage done to not only your ends but over all hair.

A straight brush separates your hair to distribute heat evenly throughout your ends to give you the perfect straight look in one fine swoop. Depending on the thickness of your hair of course, but again, for thicker, fuller hair gals (#JEALOUS)  you will find it will take you less time to straighten those locks because you’re able to separate your strands for even distribution. Doesn’t matter how long or short your hair is, this brush actually works!

Ashley David Shay

So now that you know what a straight brush does and you can reap in those benefits. And just like a cheesy infomercial…But wait, theres more!
The Ceramic Straightening Ionic Brush by Relaxus Beauty has extra benefits

  • Polished ceramic plate with ionic technology and bristles adjustable up 450℉
  • Dual voltage for travelling anywhere
  • Silicone bristle tips protect scalp and hair from heat damage
  • One pass technology
  • Perfect for all hair types and expertise levels

The brush is safe to use right on the scalp and does not burn. The silicone coated bristles help straighten AND massage your scalp gently, which increases blood flow to the scalp, and we all know what that means, promotes faster hair growth.  Just brush through like a regular brush and you’ll notice shiny, sleek, frizz free results. And the best feature of a straight brush is your hair does not appear flat, dull and lifeless after a flatiron. Your hair looks like a professional salon quality blowout. Which means a) you look fabulous and b) you don’t break the bank on expensive trips to the salon for the “perfect blowout” you can do it right at home.


Relaxus Beauty Ceramic Straightening Brush is available now at Trade Secrets.
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