20 Years Later and Buffy Still Slays
The Best Hairstyles for the Potential Slayers to Try at Home

Looking back at all the nostalgic television shows that shaped our future and helped to define who we were, Buffy the Vampire Slayer was, and probably always will be at the top of our list. Buffy was one of the greatest heroines to ’90s kids all over the world and needs no reminding as to why. 20 Years later, she’s still the number one badass on any list from vanquishing the “Big Bads” to her incredible wit, it’s no surprise she still to this day slays.

Along with her major slayage comes her iconic ’90s hairstyles. Although it’s been in discussion of the show being in the works of a reboot (we’re not totally sure how we feel about that yet) we’re taking a trip down memory lane with all of our favourite Buffy looks. 

Wispy Bangs

In the first season, Buffy’s hair was super glossy and shiny and we can’t forget about those wispy bangs! 

Half-Up Half-Down

Probably one of the most iconic looks and scenes, when Buffy finds out she’s the chosen one…what?!? Only to later have chopped off all that hair for evil vanquishing! I mean, you can’t kill a vamp with all that hair weighing you down, am I right?!

Barrettes & LOTS of Them 

Slaying vampires with hair in your face is a no bueno. Just throw your bangs in a barrette or a butterfly clip and you’ll be saving the world from evil baddies in style.

The “Wet” Look

Kim K has nothing on Buffy!
Even after drowning and being resurrected, only Buffy has been able to pull off the “wet look” the only way Buffy can.

New Identity

In season 3, Buffy decides to take on a new life with a new identity and a new hair color. A light auburn with a few chunky highlights.

Bad Buffy Waves

“Bad Buffy” makes these mermaid waves look so soooooo good!

Then Carried Them Over to the Good Side

The waves live on as Buffy rocks them throughout the seasons.
Half pinned back with a few fallen pieces and you’ve got yourself a solid, “I’m about to kick butt” style.

Platinum and Bandana’s

Buffy looks how we all feel about this look. Hopefully this trend never makes a comeback. Although we dig the platinum, we’re unsure about those bandanas.

Sleek Ponytails

When Buffy is ready for kicking serious ass, she often throws her hair way up or in a super sleek, sometimes chic ponytail.

Strawberry Shortcake

Gotta hand it to Buffy, she can seamlessly pull off any hair colour, especially this strawberry blonde!

The Flip Bob

This was proably on the top of the “How to be a ’90s Girl” list. This haircut was EVERYWHERE!!!

The “Buffy Grew Up” Ponytail

At the end of the season, Buffy grew out her beautiful hair and took on the role of taking care of her sister and saving the world, all while working at a nine-to-five job. How does she do it when we can’t even handle our own work/life schedules?!

There you have it, our favourite hairstyles from the Buffy series. But do you think this is really goodbye?
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