5 Nail Trends to look out for This Prom Season

By: Brit Linton, Blogger – Happy, Healthy and Hilarious

You know the old saying… “it’s all in the details”? Well this could not be more applicable when it comes to nail colour and style, and its relationship with various ensembles! A perfectly polished nail one hundred percent has the ability to pull an outfit together, creating a cohesive, finished look. Not to mention…nail art has completely taken over the beauty game lately, thereby officially solidifying this trend as a bonafide, totally legitimate accessory! *** snaps for nail art ***

Now seeing as how we’re knee deep in prom season, we wanted to see how the whole nail art trend fits into the most glamorous night of the year for all of you teen readers!!!

We’re therefore showcasing our top five favourite polished looks for prom in 2017 – trust us when we say this was a toughie to narrow down… the nail art and colour options have truly never been more expansive as they are now!! Who knew?!

All That Glitters…


Aside from New Years, we simply cannot think of a more appropriate occasion to bust out some seriously bedazzled or glittery nails than during prom! This is a great finish to go with if your dress is on the simpler or more subtle side of things, because a glittery, bedazzled nail will surely make a bold statement without feeling overwhelming or cluttered. Rose gold is obviously huge right now, so if you haven’t dabbled with this colour yet, prom may very well be the perfect time to try it out!

If you’re not totally sold on going all out in the shimmer department, why not try an ombre glitter over a white base? Or perhaps try having only your ring fingernail bedazzled, and keep the rest simple with a neutral finish? We’re thinking BOTH are solid options!

Marble is Everything


The marble trend is absolutely taking OVER!! Our Instagram feeds are positively blowing up with all things marble, and we’re actually kind of LOVING it! Side Note: Have you seen the marble lip art currently circulating through social media? Talk about taking things to the next level! Thoughts on it?!

Puckers aside, it should come as no surprise that the marble trend has also seeped its way into nail art! We’re thinking this particular nail finish would perfectly complement a more modern or contemporary dress with clean lines. Sigh – this look is super luxe. Swoon!

Matte Black


We’re pulling some serious inspo from Miss Kylie Jenner on this one – this look has edgy written ALL over it! So for you ladies that are going for more of a rocker, chic vibe this prom season – take note of this trend. If you want to take it a step further, and really amp up the edginess factor of your ensemble, we suggest going with a long almond shaped nail. Also Kylie inspired… Obviously!

Get in Shape


Stripes, triangles, squares, circles… you name the shape, it’s likely been attempted as nail art at one point or another! We’re seeing lots of these types of designs floating around the interweb lately – from a single matte black stripe down the centre of one’s nail to minimalistic cubes to combining the shapes with colour blocking (another major nail art trend for 2017!).

If you’re looking to test this nail trend out, try pulling inspiration from your dress! Side Note: We’re thinking that for this particular trend to work well, your dress should be one solid colour (ie. Pink, blue etc), then incorporate your dress colour into one of the colours utilized on your nails to really pull the whole ensemble together nicely! Capiche?

A Twist on the Classic French


French manicures are very prom, so we KNEW we had to include it on the list somewhere and we’re happy to report that this classic style has been given a bit of an upgrade this 2017! Gone are the days where a white tip alone would qualify as a “French”, because we’re starting to see different colour variations!! Multicolour tips are now very much a thing, and we’ve also seen gold tips, red tips… and even black tips! At this point, anything goes for the not-so-classic French Manicure these days! So have FUN with this one!

What nail art are you most excited to try out this Prom Season?! Be sure to book your nail appointments ASAP at Trade Secrets!!! We can’t wait to see you!

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