2017 Spring Trend Hunting

By: Brit Linton, Blogger – Happy, Healthy and Hilarious

Easter is a mere few days away, and while we’d wager that a good majority of you are anxiously anticipating the arrival of that oh so elusive “Bunny” & the “Egg Hunt” that inevitably follows suit… we’ve been doing a little hunting on our own. And while this particular hunt has absolutely zero to do with copious amounts of caramel filled eggs – drool – it’s still delicious in every sense of the word. At least, we think so.

We’re talking 2017 Spring Beauty Trend Hunting.

So grab your notebook, iPads & a grande, no foam/no whip/extra hot, skinny vanilla bean latte… because we’re bringing you the looks you’ll most definitely want to be rocking this season!

Long, Sleek & Straight Hair

We didn’t have to hunt too hard for this particular trend because everyone from Mrs. Kim Kardashian West to Gigi Hadid is paying homage to retro Cher by rocking ultra-sleek, waist length straight hair. AKA. “Cher Hair”.

While bobs & pixie cuts definitely had their moments 2014 through to 2016….  2017 is absolutely the year of long hair.

Our TS Guarantee: the abundantly over utilized “#LongHairDontCare” will be coming soon to an InstaSelfie near you… with a vengeance! This look is going to be major in 2017.

Here’s What You Need:

AG – The Oil: This product utilizes sustainably sourced, fair trade organic Moroccan argan oil to achieve a smooth & slick look. Rich in antioxidants, vitamin E & keratin protein, AG The Oil will bring strength, elasticity and shine to your hair! Simply apply to damp hair before styling and drying!

Alterna Bamboo Silk Sleek Brilliance Cream: Get rid of frizz and flyaways with this product! The Alterna Bamboo Silk Sleek Brilliance Cream is comparable to a leave in conditioner, and helps protect and strengthen your hair. Necessary if you want to recreate this super sleek look!

GS Professional TiTron FlatIron: Of COURSE a straightener is necessary if you’re looking to hop on this particular trend bandwagon! This is the perfect tool to help give you that super slick, straight hair!

The “No Makeup”, Makeup Look

Minimalism is like, so hot right now, so it should be no surprise that this trend has made its way into the beauty game. The “No Makeup”, Makeup look can be a bit tricky to pull off, but if executed correctly… it can make a pretty bold statement! Not to mention, spring is actually the perfect time to try this look out, because this season in particular lends itself natural, fresh faced beauty!

Some minor eye and brow definition combined with a subtle pop of colour on the cheeks to enhance your natural beauty is all you’ll need to help pull this look together!

Here’s What You Need:

Mascara: Apply a couple of coats of Deca Mascara in either Black or Brown to give your eyes a bit of definition; this particular look is all about subtle enhancements of your natural beauty! Applying mascara will help your eyes pop, while simultaneously livening up the natural colour of your eyes!

Brow Pencil: Filling in the natural shape of your brows to “bridge the gap” so to speak, will give even more definition to the structure of your face! Brow pencils help to frame the face and perfectly highlight your eyes; Deca Cosmetics carries 5 mineral based eyebrow pencils in various shades of colour!

Blush: The key to achieving this particular look is a youthful, flushed glow! Deca carries some absolutely gorgeous pigmented blushes, but we’re thinking that Lavender Pink or Flamingo are perfect if you want the “no makeup” makeup look!

Hair Accessories

From jewellery to lace to flowers – this particular trend has Festival Season written ALL over it.

Festival wear has grown into its own entity in the world of Fashion, so much so that the very bible of Fashion itself – we’re talking Vogue of course –  has even begun dedicating segments and articles entirely to Festival Season. Festivals have even become one of the more opportunistic situations for fashion bloggers & Instacelebs of the like to showcase festival wardrobe staples on social media for all of their followers to fawn over.

Let’s be real… Music Festivals is essentially Fashion Week at a Concert.  So if you’re looking to make a big statement in the festival scene this year, this is definitely a trend you’re going to want to experiment with.

Here’s What You’ll Need:

Salt Spray: Tousled, dishevelled beach waves are KEY if you want to pull off this trend! They simply go hand in hand with Festival Wear hair accessories. Simply spritz either Macadamia Texturizing Salt Spray, KMS Hair Play SeaSalt Spray or Curl Keeper Beach Mist onto damp hair & let the magic happen!

TS Insider Tip: We’ll be posting a Festival approved, Flower Crown DIY later this month & it’s something you definitely do NOT want to miss!

Feathered Brows

Boyish “untamed” brows will undeniably be the focal point of your selfie game this spring.

It may seem a bit unconventional, and dare we say daunting, to let the brows run a little wild but we’re thinking this may very well be a trend we can “grow” to love… Pun COMPLETELY intended! Spring is all about getting back to your natural roots so why not get a little raw in the beauty department this season with some grown in brows! We’re thinking this trend will give off a very youthful, fresh and vibrant vibe… right in line with what Spring embodies!


Here’s What You’ll Need

Toppik Brow Building Fibers: These fibers are available in Light, Medium and Dark and help create a thicker, fuller brow through a natural static charge that binds the brow building fibers to your hair follicles!

Sun kissed & Bronzed

There’s not necessarily anything ground-breaking about this particular trend. A sun kissed glow is a tried and true spring /summer staple in the beauty department and, not to sound too cliché here, but if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! 

HOWEVER… get the glow safely friends!

Having a sun kissed glow looks breathtaking… there’s absolutely no denying it. But there’s also no denying that the means to obtain such a gorgeous, ethereal glow is not necessarily the healthiest of spring/summer activities! GASP. We know – also not ground-breaking news. However we don’t want to leave you hanging here… there are definitely ways to achieve that much sought after glow, sans essentially roasting yourself for hours on end.

Here’s What You’ll Need:

Bronzer: Apply a healthy dose of a matte bronzer to your cheeks in order to give off a warm glow; be sure to use a bronzing brush like The Bronzer Brush from ProFinish for an even, natural finish!

And now, when you spend $55 at any Trade Secrets/Glamour Secrets location you’ll get a FREE Selfie 9oz Gradual Self Tanner to get you the jump start you need for bronzy, glowing skin! Offer ends April 22, 2017.

What trend are you most looking to try out this Spring?!

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